Brigid Teevan is a relationship & sexuality educator from Cavan hoping to make exploration more comfortable for youths.

Relationships and Sexuality Education is vital for the health and wellbeing of this and future generations. My work and study is focused on understanding how our children and youth learn about sex; through formal sex education classes as well as informal learning at home and in their daily environment. My methods focus on the holistic view of sexual learning.

Sexuality is a central part of being human. Developing into a sexually healthy adult is a key developmental task. The combination of formal and informal learning prepares youths for general life; especially for building and maintaining relationships. Children should be provided with the necessary skills to facilitate them in becoming responsible members of society. I believe children need an environment where they can be nurtured, protected and provided with age-appropriate learning. The correct educational environment encourages children to grow and develop in their own ways.

I believe in the importance of the home environment. Parents have a responsibility to provide guidance, their family values and perspectives; to support their child in discussing sexuality related issues, responding comfortably and positively to learning opportunities in the home.

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