Brigid is the creator of the unique rse4schools programme, the first Irish Relationship and Sexuality Education programme that promotes a partnership approach among parents, teachers, and school authorities. With 20+ years’ experience in facilitating parenting and sex education programmes, Brigid has introduced sexual education into the lives of hundreds of children. The rse4schools programme builds on an aspiration to intrinsically link sexuality education in the classroom to the home environment. Read more

Relationships & Sexuality Education Aims To:

  • Teach students about the broader concepts of sexuality; not just biology. Brigid puts the physical, emotional and social aspects of sexuality into context in a way that children can relate to
  • Engage students with active and experiential learning methods. Over the three sessions, Brigid brings the curriculum to life via a mix of class discussions, philosophical stories, group activities and sexual health videos. Students explore the content and understand how it relates to their own ideas, values and experiences
  • Encourage constructive conversation and curiosity